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About us


Binkoštna Cerkev Center Ljubljana is a bilingual church, which is part of Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Slovenia, serving the community in Ljubljana and Slovenia. The primary relationship people need is with God, to find joy, peace, purpose, and fulfillment in life. But connecting in relationship with God is only the entry place. People want to connect in community, in freindship, in small groups, in service projects, and in helping all sectors of the community. Every person has much to offer, here at BCC we aim to help each person reach their potential.

We are here to encourage every person in spiritual growth and in getting to know God, experiencing God's love and accepting his or her identity in Christ.

Who are we?

We are community of believers for all generations and various ethnic backgrounds, but most important for us is:

Worshiping together our God – modern worship;

Revealing Bible truths – Sermons discuss contemporary issues and expose Gods wisdom;

Fellowship and conversation – with coffee, snacks, and fellowship;

Prayer support – on prayer meetings;

Children must be a focus – day-care for toddlers and

Sunday school for children;

Small groups – discussion and fellowship;

Learning together – seminars and courses;

Good Christian books – publishing and reading club;

Friendship and fellowship for all ages.

Our Mission

Our projects

New Church Building – Raising support for new building (more about it)

Materials – Preparing Sunday school lessons for all ages in Slovene language & Publishing

Leadership Development – Organizing annual

Voditi z namenom conference

Children's song book – Collecting children Christian songs

Missions – supporting missionaries and short-term trip to neighbouring countries

You may also support us with your donation!

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